Natural resins

René Schönefeld’s natural resins originate from Europe, Africa and Asia. Our natural resin is used mainly in many religious and spiritual ceremonies. Additionally, it is burned for mediation and relaxation too. Most people are familiar with incense sticks and not with resins, even though resins are the original incense. Compared to incense sticks, resin offers a much stronger scent and doesn’t contain unwanted additives. The aromas produced by the resins myrrh, frankincense, benzoin and copal resins are popular due to their deep and rich fragrances.

Resin is obtained from refined tree and plant sap which has been used worldwide for thousands of years. Back in ancient Egypt, everyday large quantities of natural resins were burned in temples as it was fundamental to worship the gods. It has been a popular aromatic material for centuries.

As natural resin doesn’t burn on its own, you’ll need charcoal tabs from Three to burn resin incense. By lightening the charcoal and spreading the resin on the charcoal using a small spoon, you can enjoy the rich resin fragrances. These charcoal tabs are available by Three Kings.

Our natural resins

Nº 40

Eritrea Extra Fine

René Schönefeld’ Eritrea Extra Fine is a yellow and yellowish-white natural resin. The natural resin […]

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Nº 41

Eritrea Siftings

René Schönefeld’s Eritrea siftings is a yellow and yellowish-white natural resin with a very classic […]

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Nº 42

Eritrea Peasize

René Schönefeld’s Eritrea peasize is a yellow and yellowish-white incense with a very classic scent, […]

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Nº 43

Aden Siftings

René Schönefeld’s natural resin Aden is a blend of yellow and yellow-white sifting. Aden has […]

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Nº 44

Aden peasize

René Schönefeld’s resin Aden is a yellow and yellowish-white pea-sized natural resin. Aden has a […]

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Nº 47

Benjoin Siam

René Schönefeld’s natural resin Benjoin Siam is a yellow and yellow-reddish granules. The natural resin […]

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Nº 48

Myrrhe siftings

René Schönefeld’s Myrrhe is a brown and amberish-red glazed natural resin. Myrrhe has been used […]

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Nº 49

Myrrhe peasize

René Schönefeld’s Myrrhe is a brown and amberish-red resin, providing a strong fragrance, giving off […]

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Nº 50

Styrax Powder

René Schönefeld’s Styrax powder is a black natural resin with a sweet, vanilla-like fragrance. The […]

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Nº 51

Styrax Granulate

René Schönefeld’s natural resin Styrax Granulate is a black granule. The natural resin gives off […]

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Nº 52


René Schönefeld’s Dammar is a 100 percent natural resin of white and yellowish-white, translucent crushed […]

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Nº 53


René Schönefeld’s Copal is a 100 percent natural, yellow and amberish-yellow translucent incense with a […]

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Nº 54

Mastic Tears

René Schönefeld’s Mastic Tears is a clear light-yellow and greenish-yellow natural resin. The natural resin […]

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