Who we are

Welcome, we are René Schönefeld, the world’ leading brand when it comes to incense mixtures and natural resins. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on top-quality ingredients which are processed by our professional and optimized production process. Additionally, with our transparent communication strategy, we can deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

Our history

Our work method

René Schönefeld’s high-quality incense blends and natural resins are exclusively produced in the Netherlands. Our products are sold in more than ninety countries worldwide. The raw materials we use to make our products are sourced from Europe, Africa and Asia. To maintain a high product standard, we always look for the best quality ingredients with our reliable suppliers. We are proud to have long standing relationships with our suppliers.

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What we offer

René Schönefeld’s focus lies on selling high-quality incense mixtures and natural resins. Our incenses are based on natural tree resins and are available in a variety of unique blends. René Schönefeld’s incenses are mostly used in religious and spiritual ceremonies, including meditation purposes. To burn the incense, charcoal tabs are needed. These quick-light charcoal tabs are available from Three Kings

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Why you should choose René Schönefeld

For René Schönefeld, it is important to be reliable, proactive and customer-focused. We aim to offer you the very best incense experience by using the best natural resins sourced from Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition, we provide the best service with transparent communication and the shortest delivery times on the market – no matter the size of your order. If we make a promise, we keep it.

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