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René Schönefeld’s Copal is a 100 percent natural, yellow and amberish-yellow translucent incense with a characteristic, slightly balsamic scent. The aroma is deep and strong with sweet tones.

The resin that makes up the natural resin is tapped from a gum tree belonging to the genus Agathis Dammara. This tree has its origin in Southeast Asia. The resin is of prime white soft (PWS) quality, the highest grade of Copal.

Copal is a natural resin used in rituals, ceremonies or mediation. Burning natural resin is a rich sensory experience. It burns on charcoal tabs specifically designed for natural resins burning. These special charcoal tabs are available on Three Kings official website. The natural resin should not be used as a food additive or for pharmaceutical purposes.


Siftings: granules are between 0.2 and 4.5 mm


500 gr box: mastercase
contains 32 boxes

5 kg bag: mastercase
contains 4 bags

  • Rich
  • Traditional recipe
  • Top quality