Our story

René Schönefeld and its incense mixtures and natural resins were originally part of Three Kings. Three Kings’ product portfolio consisted of charcoal, incense and natural resins. Due to Three Kings’ increasing growth, René Schönefeld became a separate brand for the unique incense blends and natural resins while charcoal remained under the Three Kings brand identity.

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Founders and owners

Three Kings has its origin in Kerkrade, a Dutch city in the south of the Netherlands. The inspiration for the business, Three Kings, came from the founder René Schönefeld. He was a son of a pharmacist who came across a recipe for church incense one day. This triggered his interest and he travelled the world to find reliable suppliers for his business concept. René partnered with suppliers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia to produce colourful and unique incense mixtures. These blends were sold all over Europe. Soon after, René developed the first quick-lighting charcoal, which became another worldwide success.

Nowadays, the product lines from Three Kings have separate brand identities. Since 2021, the unique incense blends and natural resins are available under the brand name René Schönefeld.

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